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Sealink Auto Parts Co.,Ltd is one of leading motor manufacturer . We mainly develops and manufactures DC brush Motor, DC brushless Motor, PMSM Motor, AC Motor and kinds of special motor. The products are widely used in Industrial, Marine, aviation, aerospace, communication and transport, light industry machinary, electric vehicle, auto welding, digital machine, medical instrument and equipment, testing equipment, equipment and instrument, healthy equipment and apparatus, food machinery,office automative and so on.

    We always devote ourselves to make the improvement and advancement of science & technology and insist on the principle of existence with quality and develop with credit. The products are used with State Standard, advanced technology and testing methods. We continuously explore and fit in with the needs of market and can research, design and manufacture kinds of micro-motor as per customer's requirement.

At Sealin company, our management system was registered to ISO-TS16949 quality standard. We uses it's management system as a tool to ensure that the customer's requirements Our products are 100% tested and inspected throughout the manufacturing process using Consecutive Check Approach to ensure it meets our standards for quality.


Contact: International Sales Dept.

Phone: +86 18905900790 ( WhatsApp / Wechat )

Tel: +86 59183323271

Email: sales@rotating-electric.com

Add: Qinxiyang Industry Zone,Fuan,Fujian,China

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